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Habitat for Humanity builds more than houses; it builds lives and community as well. This page will answer some of your questions about the process of how a family becomes involved with Habitat in the hope of moving into a new home. The first step is to see if you qualify.

 How are potential families identified?

The family selection process is impartial. Neither age, sex, race or religion play a part in the choice. We are looking for people in need of safe, decent housing who are willing to partner with us. They also complete 400 hours of  ”Sweat Equity”. Also important, Habitat strives to build homes for families who will be responsible about house payments and home maintenance and who will help spread the good news of Habitat to the rest of the community. 

 How are families selected?

Habitat homeowners are selected by our Family Selection Committee through an application process. After applications are submitted, the Family Selection Committee processes the applications by reviewing, calculating and verifying all information given. The committee will schedule eligible applicants for an in-home visit in order to learn more about their present housing situation. The Selection Committee then determines if the applicant is approved or declined for the program. Once a family has been determined to be approved for the program, the Family Selection Committee Chair presents this family to the Board of Directors for their decision.

 What is Sweat Equity

“Sweat Equity” is Habitat’s name for the labor that Habitat homeowners expend in building their houses and the houses of their neighbors, as well as the time they spend investing in their own self-improvement. Homeowners do sweat equity after they are selected to be Habitat partners but before they complete and move into their new houses. For years, sweat equity has been a keystone of the Habitat program: important to partner families, attractive to donors and adopted by many other housing organizations. We ask all future homeowners to help spread the good news of Habitat for Humanity. This will be part of the 400 hours of “sweat equity” to be earned.

If you are interested in qualifying for a home, please don’t hesitate to call us or come by. You can find our address and phone number on our “Contact Us” page.